The best typefaces from the Google web fonts directory

Type reviews, books, commentary


A great resource for web fonts.


Some important info now that browsers are getting more advanced and supporting OpenType features.

  • Time for a change: Typekit has become Adobe Fonts
  • Now in the library: More fonts for desktop
  • Supporting Global Type Happenings This Month

In general, Typekit's blog is a great resource for web typography info.


The first post in a seven-post series about the technical aspects of type rendering on the web. Really great read.


This one's geared more towards screen typography, but is still useful to know.


Now that you know how @font-face works, learn how to implement it really well.

A collection of some of the good families available on Google Web Fonts.

Useful in learning about the transition from non-web to web typography.


Learn and get excited about the possibilities of cutting-edge web standards and javascript for typography.


A place for experiments, advancements, and the best practices in typesetting web text.


Good for learning about the first steps in web typography.